SHORT FILM - Pretty Bitch

Shot in 2012 Pretty Bitch won the Best Screenplay prize at the Van D'or Independent Film Awards 2013 and has been screened at Festivals internationally.

Inspired by a true story, when one girl is replaced by another her quest for revenge is driven to the extreme. When being pretty is all you have, it's all you can destroy

Writer: Karla Williams
Director: Rebecca Coley
Producer: Rebcca Coley, Karla Williams and Natasha Sparkes
Starring: Natasha Sparkes, Dwane Walcott & Tamara Camacho
Girls: Emily-Sarah Wallis, Amirah Garba, Ria Zmitrowicz, Stef O'Driscoll, Danielle Munday 
DOP: Tom O'Keefe 
Sound: Chris Reading & Marc Mitchell 
Editor: Heppie Collins 
Poem: Kate Tempest

Selected for:
BFI Future Film Festival 2014 (nominated - fiction)
London Short Film Festival 2014
Short Waves Festival 2014
Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 2014
Teen International Shorts Festival 2014
Bornshorts Festival 2013
Underwire Festival 2013 (nominated best actor)
British Urban Film Festival 2013 (nominated best film)
Cannes in a Van - Van D'Or 2013 (winner of best screenplay)
British Short Festival, Berlin 2015